The time has come for Conscience Fiction


Welcome to Conscience Media Publishing!

Some of you will already be familiar with our name in connection with public relations and film making. In 2019, we decided to put our pen where our passion has been on hold, and give a voice to emerging authors examining issues of conscience in crime, mystery and political thriller writing. 

There’s a world of untapped talent out there, and we see it as our job to bring the best to the fore and give it a clear platform. We like heroes and heroines with ingenuity and tenacity, consciously driven by a need to right a wrong or prevent a crime or injustice being committed. In a world of unparalleled greed, lies and outright cruelty, never has story telling on themes of truth, freedom and justice been more appealing. 

What do we mean by 'conscience'? We’re concerned with these three categories:

1. Personal conscience - Having a conscience implies possessing an intuitive perception of moral standards. It’s an attitude, associated with values, that when contradicted or threatened elicits strong emotions. It’s concerned with personal motives, as well as awareness of our actions. Some say, conscience can be experienced as a 'gut feeling' or 'vague sense of guilt' about what ought to be or should have been done. (Source: Wikipedia)

2. Political conscience - Individuals and groups act with a political conscience when they have a strong moral sense of government or other institutional wrongdoing or abuse of power. Icons such as John Lennon and JF Kennedy are obvious examples. Others, like Che Guevara, Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King, may be seen as revolutionaries.

3. Social Conscience - If you worry about people who are poor, sick, old, ill etc and try to help them, you are said to have a social conscience, according to the Cambridge Dictionary. Alternatively, a social conscience is 'a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society.' (Source: Wikipedia.)