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Conscience Media specialises in reputation building and campaign management for Bedford-based ethical businesses, charities and organisations operating in the voluntary and community sector.

We work with national, regional and local press, radio and TV, as well as trade and niche publications and the independent media to help our clients get their message across to those who matter. Social media plays an important role in media planning, and each PR plan is tailored to the needs of the customer. It goes without saying that work only begins when terms have been agreed in a written contract.


  Over the last six years we have developed a film-making branch of our services in recognition of the power and influence of Youtube and other social media video platforms. We are able to record events, film interviews and make short and memorable campaign videos. 

We have found video to work especially well for campaign groups with important messages to convey to a targeted public and designated authorities.


  Traditional print and social media poster and leaflet design are included in our public relations package. Being able to offer design services helps ensure consistency in the look and feel of a campaign.

Adverts and flyers reinforce the PR message making the campaign appear more co-ordinated, tangible and memorable. We use local printers for a fast and professional turnaround in accordance with the customer's specification.

About Us

Anna L. Bragga 
Founder, Conscience Media

Knowledge & Experience


Conscience Media (formerly Conscience Communications) was created in September 2010 by Anna L. Bragga, after a fifteen year career in consumer journalism, magazine publishing and Third Sector public relations. 

Anna's unique blend of skills and experience makes Conscience Media well placed to offer a variety of tactics and turn them into visually impacting media campaigns. Although we are small, we think big, and cultivate our media relationships like gold dust.

Steve Browne (graphic designer) with Anna L. Bragga

Teamwork is key to success

We draw on the design expertise of Steve Browne (right) for dramatic, eye-catching film and theatre posters and book cover projects. We are constantly expanding our connections with photographers and other media specialists. 

Earned, Not Purchased

  Public relations and advertising are both powerful marketing tools but different in their own right. Advertising is controlled media, whereas PR is uncontrolled media publicity as the recipient decides whether to use the information and how they will present it. The story is conveyed as news, and therefore, depending on the source, is usually considered credible. 

Public relations informs influencers, who could be media representatives, elected politicians, companies, or special interest groups. PR can change opinion. Advertising on the other hand creates the materials used in advertising campaigns and is generally viewed as a sales pitch.